Do you like modern art? Or are you interested in Spanish culture? If your answer is yes, we recommend visiting the IVAM museum this weekend. The exhibition “A contratiempo” shows works by Valencian artists of the 20th century. And, obviously, we will go with our students of the Spanish course to visit it.

This weekend you can enjoy the works of Valencian artists at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM). The exhibition “A contratiempo. Half a century of Valencian artists (1929-1980)” will remain in the museum until September 2. Also, it’s a good plan if you do not know what to do in Valencia these days.


What are we going to find?

The aim of the exhibition is to show the difficulties experienced by artists during the 20th century. Women found it difficult to grow professionally, even in art. This is due to the strong patriarchy that existed in the country.

Especially the censorship and repression of women during the Franco era was noted. In this era the role of women was limited to being housewife and mother. Therefore, for many years almost the presence of women in art was not noticed.

The artists presented in the exhibition had to fight against the existing order. They fought for the equality of their rights with men. In addition, they fought against the political regime that supported this situation.

The detailed description of the exhibition and the names of the artists can be found on the IVAM website 

When is?

The exhibition will take place at the IVAM Museum until September 2. In addition, you can enjoy the free activity of the museum. During it a tour of the exhibition is offered. Keep in mind that you need to make a pre-registration. The opening hours of the museum and the prices of the entrance can be found here.

Visiting the museums of Valencia is a perfect way to learn more about the history of Spain. In our Spanish courses we always talk about Spanish history and culture. In this way, our students never get bored. Do you want to be one of them? We will wait for you!