The weekend is approaching and, as usual, our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, leaves you here some suggestions.
Take a look at our blog… you will find events for all tastes 😉

The time has come for students at our Spanish school to take a break from studying and enjoy the weekend in Valencia. The next few days bring plans and events for all tastes. We have selected some of them so that you can enjoy a bit of everything: gastronomy, music, exhibitions, cinema, etc.

Let’s see them in details!

Conciertoencanto de Pau Nut

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 at 8pm. Sunday 23 at 7 pm
Teatro Circulo, Calle Prudenci Alcón i Mateu 3
Ticket: from 7 euros

We start our weekend with a musical event.

The Teatro Círculo will host, from tomorrow until Sunday, Conciertoencanto. A concert by Pau Nut (voice and cello) that will make us travel through time.

In fact, the artist will offer a wide and varied repertoire covering almost 400 years of music history.
The artist will perform original arrangements of songs by famous composers from very different periods, ranging from classical (Mozart, Juan de Encina, etc.) to contemporary (Björk, Lou Reed, Radiohead, etc.).

It sounds too good to miss, doesn’t it?
Here you can get your ticket.

La Fiesta de la Alcachofa de Benicarló

Till Januray 30
Benicarló (Castellón)

The town of Benicarló celebrates, until the end of the month, one of its most important gastronomic events.

The Artichoke Festival is an annual event on the town’s gastro-cultural agenda and pays tribute to the area’s star product: the artichoke.

The Benicarló artichoke has the “Blanca de Tudela” variety white artichoke P.D.O. seal and is typical of the area delimited by the municipalities of Benicarló, Cálig, Vinaroz and Peñiscola.

As every year, the festival will host gastronomic tasting days, stalls and a Pintxos Day with the collaboration of 27 bars and restaurants in the area.

A perfect plan that combines gastronomy, culture and tradition 😊.
Here you can find all the details of the event.

Yo fui a EGB

Till February 27. From Wednesday to Friday, from 4pm to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 1.30pm and from 4pm to 8pm
Kinépolis, Heron City, Av. De Francisco Tomás I Valiente
Fee: from 8 euros

Yo fui a EGB is a travelling exhibition which, after Gijón and Madrid, arrived in Valencia last December.

It is an immersive exhibition that, through the recreation of environments and places, takes us on a journey through the Spain of the 70s and 80s.

In fact, EGB is the abbreviation of Educación General Básica. That is, the old educational system in force in Spain between 1970 and 1990. The project was initially born around a Facebook page, then a website, where “those from the EGB era” exchanged memories of their childhood and adolescence.

Now the initiative has given rise to this interactive exhibition where the younger public or visitors from other countries can get to know part of this culture up close through its most representative objects, music, fashion, games, homes and characters.

Are you ready to embark on this journey into the past?

Una mañana con…Les contes d’Hoffmann

Sunday 23, at 12pm
Palau de les Arts, Avenida del Profesor López Piñero 1
Fee: 15 euros

Una mañana con… is a very interesting initiative promoted by the Valencia Opera.

The Palau de les Arts opens its doors to the public to tell opera from a different perspective and reveal the secrets of the many jobs involved in this art form.

This is a didactic visit in which the visitors will learn step by step about the staging of an opera. From scenic design to costumes, from props to rehearsal processes, and so on.

Visitors will also be able to visit the stage of the Main Hall, the Costume and Characterisation workshops, the singers’ dressing rooms and other work areas.

An essential activity for curious minds of any age 😊

And to all film lovers, we remind that, until next Sunday 23rd, two Spanish films will be screened at the Cine D’Or: El Sustituto by director Óscar Aibar and Madres paralelas, by Pedro Almodóvar.

As always, we hope that our small selection of events for all tastes will help you plan your weekend in Valencia.

From our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, we wish you happy days of rest and culture.

Finally, we remind you that every moment is a good time to improve your Spanish, practising the language outside the classroom and in your daily life 😉

Happy weekend!