If you still don’t know what to do this weekend, we invite you to take a look at our suggestions of cultural plans in Valencia. Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tandem has chosen different events for all tastes. Take a look! 😊

The time has come for the students of our Spanish school to take a break from studying and take part in the cultural plans of Valencia.
If you like theatre, nature and art in general, today’s post will help you make plans for the next two days.

Let’s see them!

Miradors de l’Horta

Until October 17
Free activities by reservation

Miradors de l’Horta is the first festival of design and culture of l’Horta. An innovative proposal that, through art, proposes a reflection on the future of the huerta valenciana and urban sustainability.

This initiative comprises several activities aimed at raising awareness among visitors about vegetable gardens as an essential element for the creation of more sustainable and healthy urban models.

The festival is characterized by the binomial nature/art. In fact, one of its main attractions is the installation of ephemeral architectural works in different places of l’horta nord.

From this weekend’s program, we highlight the following activities:

  • Cicloruta Miradors de l’horta. Two-hour bicycle tour through the ephemeral sculptures installed in the vegetable gardens.
  • Exhibition “Disseny per l’horta” (Alabat dels Sorells). Exhibition of prints made by 14 graphic designers in order to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the huerta valenciana.
  • Theatrical route “Echoes of the history of the castle”. Visit of 90 minutes to the Castle-palace of gothic style in Alabat dels Sorells.

If you want to sign up for one or more activities, visit the festival website.

IX Mostra Viva del Mediterráni

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10

The Mostra Viva del Mediterrani, that we have already talked about in our previous post, bring us a weekend dedicated to performing arts.
In fact, in the next two days, the Central Park of Valencia will host theatre and street circus pieces that the public can attend for free.

Saturday, October 9:

  • Acircándonos, 5.30 pm. A piece of circus in which dance, fire, juggling and acrobatics are intermingled.
  • Tram nº 12, 7.30 pm. Circus show starring eight characters in a train station.
  • Cirqueras Gala, 10 pm. Circus piece and feminist cabaret, result of the I Meeting of Cirqueras Women.

Sunday, October 10:

  • Fuera de stock, 5.30 pm. Show awarded by the Setúbal International Theatre Festival.
  • Detuatu, 7.30 pm. Piece on the dynamics that arise in a meeting between two people.

It sounds pretty good to be missed, doesn’t it? 😊

La Mort i la Donzella

Saturday 9 at 8pm. Sunday 10 at 6pm
Teatro Principal
Ticket: 8-16 euros

This weekend the Teatro Principal hosts the dance piece La Mort i la Donzella. A show inspired by the homonymous String Quartet in Re minor (n.14) by Franz Schubert.

This contemporary interpretation of the romantic work speaks to us through the dance of essential themes such as life, death and the transition between the two.

This piece received the 2021 MAX Performing Arts Award for best choreography, best dance show, best stage space design and best lighting design.

For the purchase of tickets, we refer you to the webpage of Teatro Principal.

Finally, we inform you that until October 24 it will be possible to visit the Galician Seafood Fair. An essential gastronomic event for all lovers of good cuisine. 😊

This eleventh edition is held this year next to the old Grau station, from Monday to Sunday, from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm and from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

The Fair, which promotes the culture of Galicia through its excellent gastronomy, will give us
the opportunity to taste typical products and dishes such as pulpo a feira, empanadas, seafood and Albariño wine.

We hope that our selection of cultural plans in Valencia has been useful to you.

Finally, our Spanish school El Rincón del Tandem invites you to enjoy the cultural life of Valencia and to continue practicing your Spanish outside the classroom.

Have a nice weekend!