At our Spanish language school, we want our students to practise conversation on a daily basis both inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes students attend class and interact with classmates and teachers, but outside the classroom they neglect this essential aspect. Due to this lack of use of Spanish outside the classroom, it is more difficult for them to learn vocabulary and this is the moment when it is advisable for them to come to our charla en español.

Contrary to what it may seem, speaking Spanish outside the classroom, even if you make mistakes, is better than not trying. It is a common mistake among students to wait until they have a good command of grammar and vocabulary before going out to socialise. This initial lack of socialisation is often due to shyness or lack of confidence in using Spanish. It is important to overcome this initial blockage in order to make faster progress in learning the Spanish language.

There are several reasons why doing a language tandem is highly rewarding and can help you overcome both psychological and cultural barriers. The reasons we consider the most important for doing a language exchange are the following:

  1. To practice what you have learnt. We believe that this is the most important reason. By practising Spanish outside the classroom with students from other classes or levels, as well as native speakers and teachers, you will be able to realise how much you know.
  2. Learn vocabulary. Socialising opens your mind to new words. It is almost impossible to go to a language tandem and not learn a new word. We assure you that you will always learn something new.
  3. Meeting people. In the exchanges that we carry out at our Spanish language school, our students end up forming a big family. Coming to our Spanish talks will help you to be part of the Tandem movement, with the rest of the students and teachers of the school. Of course, the teachers of the school come to our exchanges to help and encourage the students.
  4. Customs and Culture. The world is full of diverse people. Language exchanges are the perfect situation to foster respect and interest for diversity. Attending our Spanish classes will open your mind to other cultures. Thanks to the large number of nationalities that come to study at our school, you will be able to learn a little about the customs and traditions of many parts of the world.
  5. Trending International. If there is one thing that makes the exchanges stand out, it is the diversity of topics that can be dealt with. Each nationality is a world of its own and each has its own more or less important issues that are difficult to understand outside the country. Attending these talks will increase your curiosity and knowledge about the reality of different countries.
  6. It’s free. It won’t cost you anything to come to the Charla en español, except for the drink or food you want to have.
  7. Complete Immersion. As we mentioned in the first point, practising what you learn will help you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, customs and language.
  8. Pronunciation. We guarantee you will improve your pronunciation. Guaranteed! Attending our tutor-led talks will help you to converse without fear until you perfect your pronunciation.
  9. Social Dynamism. Even though our school’s conversation takes place in a bar, where you will be able to practise vocabulary related to food and beverage, we always carry out other extra activities. Activities such as visits to museums or activities outside the classroom are also highly recommended for practising Spanish.
  10. Feedback. Conversing with native speakers or teachers outside the classroom is a very enriching experience. You soon realise what you are doing wrong and learn other ways of saying the same thing. This is an aspect that is very much appreciated when you are learning Spanish, because there are a multitude of ways of expressing the same idea.

In order to help our students to get to know the culture and customs of Valencia, as well as to overcome this blockage and socialise, we have looked for a quiet and pleasant place where they can share moments outside the classroom.

Now you have ten reasons to sign up for our charla en español. A meeting place for students, former students, friends and teachers where you can practice what you have learnt, meet people and improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and listening.

The place chosen by the school is Entreblat, Calle Conde Altea 53, almost every Wednesday at 19:30. It is a quiet and cosy place with a big table where we can all sit and practise Spanish. Sometimes during this meeting, we get hungry, so it’s a good place to have some bravas or, if you’re really hungry, a typical Valencian sandwich.
If you would like to come to our talks, please contact the school beforehand to reserve your place.

We look forward to seeing you at Entreblat!