In today’s article about Spanish desserts you will get to know the best ice-cream shops in Valencia. Most Spaniards would tell you it’s still spring, but for us foreigners it’s already summer at its best, and what kind of summer that would be without ice-cream. Read on to find out where to go for the perfect refreshment after your Spanish course.

Heladería Véneta

This Italian ice-cream shop scores 4,5 on Trip Advisor and for us it’s the No. 1 in Valencia. The ice-cream is home-made and you can choose from 20+ flavors. The flavor called ‘galleta de abuela’ (the grandma’s biscuit) won the first prize at an ice-cream festival in Italy as the Spain’s best ice-cream. We can only confirm that it really is heaven in mouth. The shop is located next to Micalet (calle Bordadores 8) so when you stroll around the city center, make sure to drop by. Check their web for more info.

Heladería Llinares

As No. 2 we choose Heladería Llinares at Plaza de la Reina. The tradition of this ice-cream shop dates back to 1930. Here you can try typical flavors that you surely know, but also local flavors from Valencia, such as leche merengada, dulce de leche or turrón which is a mix of almonds, honey and milk. They also have a selection of flavors for brave personalities – paella, gazpacho, tortilla de patata or olives.

Gelateria La Romana

Let’s move from the city center to Gran Vía del Marqués del Túria (calle Joaquin Costa 6). Gelateria La Romana scores 5 on Trip Advisor. People praise their ice-cream saying it’s the best ice-cream in the whole world, and also the service is excellent. Apart from ice-cream they make delicious coffee, frappe and pancakes.

Segreto Freddo

Our No. 4 is another Italian spot with 4,5 rating. You can find it near Fusta bridge (calle Muro de Santa Ana 3). People talk about their exquisite creamy ice-cream and frozen yoghurts with fair quantity of topping. They also have low fat and without lactose options.

Heladería Glasol

Our No. 5 is Heladería Glasol on Valencia beach (calle de Eugenia Viñes 117). This people’s ice-cream shop is a great spot for breakfast or afternoon snack. You won’t be disappointed with the selection of Spanish desserts. There are 7 Glasol cafés all over Valencia so pick your nearest one and give it a try.