It’s the start of another sunny weekend in the capital of the Turia, and this weekend we’ve got a mixture of sports, music and culture to offer you! In our Spanish school, El Rincon del Tandem we always try to offer you interesting plans to help you feel like a proper Valencian, just like our Spanish students. On Saturday 24th August 2019 you can choose from lots of different activities including sports, music and foodie plans, or why not all three?!

For all you sporty people… including some of our Spanish students, we’d recommend taking part in the X Volta a Peu Illa d’El Palmar. The rather unique 7 kilometre race has taken place for the last 10 years in the famous National Park of Albufera in El Palmar, and this year is no different! El Palmar is a little town just outside of Valencia, famous for being the home of the authentic Valencian paella.

The X Volta a Peu Illa d’El Palmar is organised in collaboration with the Samaruc athletics club in El Palmar and the town hall of Valencia. The race will take place over a 7 kilometre course within the Albufera Park. Departing from the Sequiota square in El Palmar, fortunately the race doesn’t start until 7.30pm, so you’ll be saved from the strongest rays of the sun. The race is divided into 6 categories, depending on participants’ birth date.  If you like running, nature and all the good vibes… this is one event not to miss!

To make the most of the music going on across the city this weekend, here at El Rincon del Tandem we’ve selected the best options. On the one hand, for those of you who enjoy a little jazz and a relaxed vibe, one great choice would be at La Casa de la Mar (next to Patacona beach) this Saturday 24th August. Music starts at 8pm, and you’ll be entertained by Cristina Sáiz and her faithful guitarist Alex Mulet. The pair will play an acoustic set of a mixture of old classics and contemporary tunes from a range of genres. La Casa de la Mar is brilliant place for concerts, to skate (they’ve got a little half pipe) and to relax on their sofas. This old industrial building is decorated in a ‘Bali’ surfer style and offers a selection of sports (surfing, skating, longboarding…) and concerts, just like the one we’re suggesting! If you like a good atmosphere and great music, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday night, especially accompanied by a Corona (La Casa de la Mar’s sponsor) and La Casa de la Mar’s speciality snack, nachos! Oooh, and we forgot to mention, the show is totally for free – so what are you waiting for??!

On the other hand if you feel like a Saturday evening that’s a little livelier, and that will prepare you for more of a party weekend, Valencian style, you can’t miss this Saturday at La Fabrica de Hielo. As you might already know, La Fabrica is located inside an old industrial factory and usually offers a range of different activities each weekend. This Saturday La Fabrica hosts a DJ set with Cumbia / Dembow / Tropical Bass / Afrobeats.  The music starts at 7pm, but we’d recommend you go a little earlier, to make sure you get a good spot, because the place always fills up quickly.

For those who want to take full advantage of the weekend, we’ve also got a great selection of activities you could get involved with on Sunday. If you’re passionate about Spanish gastronomy, you can’t miss the most outstanding event (in our opinion) of the weekend, aimed especially at vermouth lovers – starring ‘Aperitivos Vittore’. This event mixes workshops, food and live music which will also take place at La Casa de la Mar. You can taste great Vittore vermouth while listening to the music of David Maho, a well-known blues-country-rock singer.

Plans for the weekend don’t stop here of course… also on Sunday, for example in Convent Carmen, here are a few events you really should consider. Convent Carmen is most definitely leaving its cultural mark on Valencia; in a positive way of course… every weekend there’s lots of different activities and exhibitions that will suit all tastes! Perhaps the most interesting thing happening this Sunday is the Anniversary of “Versat and Fet – Sundays with poetry.” This live participatory poetry show is open to all ages from 12pm to 2pm. If you’re passionate about poetry, this anniversary event is most definitely for you!

To finish of the cultural part of your weekend we suggest you visit the Museo del Carmen to see a beautiful photography exhibition: Jean-Christophe Béchet’s European Puzzle. Organised in collaboration with the French Institute of Spain, the French Institute of Valencia and the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community, it is a spectacular exhibition of photography that showcases some of Béchet’s best work. The exhibition aims to tell a story of a generation that believes in the idea of the end of physical and cultural borders and nationalisms. As a leading representative of Street Photography, Béchet presents a range of street scenes, landscapes and portraits. Combining colour along with black and white imagery, he encourages the viewer to maintain a dialogue between the documentary spirit of the photos and the poetic inspiration of the exhibition as a whole.

Well that’s about it from us for another week, so it’s ciao for now from all of us all at El Rincon del Tandem Spanish School! Once again, we hope you have a great weekend practising Spanish and immersing yourselves in the wonders of Valencian life! And don’t forget, there’s no better way to improve your Spanish skills than practising with local people. Like we say to our Spanish students, a good party will always help you meet new people to chat with in Spanish!

See you soon!