If you are looking for tasty recipe to get warm on these cold winter days, our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem will tell you about some typical Valencian winter dishes. ¡Buen provecho! ?

Today we speak about local gastronomy, specifically, we will discover some of the most representative winter dishes of the Valencian cuisine.

we cannot complain about the warm and sunny weather in Valencia, winter usually brings days of bitter cold to our city.
It must be said that normally temperatures do not tend to drop that much and that it is the high humidity that make the temperatures feel colder.
Also, for being so used to the warmth, Valencians suffer a lot in the harshest winter days.

Therefore, to get your energy back and warm up the body, we invite you to look for tasty remedies in the cookery book of Valencian cuisine.
¡Let’s start!

Puchero valenciano

It is the Valencian version of the “cocido” (stew) and a fundamental recipe of the winter Valencian cuisine. Puchero is made with legumes, vegetables and meat as well as some typical regional products, such as the bajoqueta. The more caloric and flavourful version, it also has meatballs, sometimes wrapped in cabbage leaves.

A true explosion of flavours and vitamins …


It is a dish that is usually consumed in winter, especially in the Alicante area and the interior of the province of Valencia. It is a soup made with legumes (beans, lentils), stalks, potatoes, meat (bacon and pork ribs) and rice.

As in the case of the stew, there are many variations, made with different ingredients.

Sopa cubierta

It is one of the most traditional dishes of the Valencian cuisine. By tradition, it is usually prepared in a fireplace. The “covered soup” (sopa coberta in Valencian) usually includes gizzards and livers, minced meat, ham, egg, chicken broth and croutons.

All i pebre

The Valencian name All i pebre stands for “garlic and paprika” and it is a fish-based dish. Originally, its name referred to a traditional sauce that was used to prepare some fish dishes.

The best-known version of All i pebre is those made with eel, although there are recipes made with other types of fish such as monkfish or mullet.

All i pebre with eel is one of the most representative dishes of the Albufera of Valencia.

Arroz caldoso

Of course, rice could not be missing…..the star product and the pride of Valencian gastronomy. In addition to paella, there are many rice-based recipes, including arroz caldoso (soupy rice). Without a doubt, the best way to eat rice when we need to fill the body with energy to face the harshest winter.

Arroz caldoso is made with vegetables, meat or fish. The most traditional recipes are made with vegetable, chicken and seafood.

Arroz al horno

Another tasty and very energetic dish that cannot be missing from winter menus.
The traditional ingredients of arroz al horno are: rice, meat (pork ribs, blood sausage), potatoes, garlic, red pepper and tomato.

We hope that our blog about typical winter dishes will help you to stay warm in Valencia thanks to these tasty remedies.

In addition, we encourage you to cook them yourself and learn new Spanish words related to local gastronomy.

Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem wishes you bon appetite and a nice day!

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