Today we are dedicating our blog to the traditional event in Valencia called ‘Volta a peu’, which means ‘walking race’. 36 years have already passed since the first edition of this popular race. As every year, people of Valencia set out for the race in their best sportswear. 20th of May is the ideal day to dust off your running shoes you have been gifted for Christmas and which you have promised to use to lose weight.

The race starts at 10 am at Passeig Albereda and continues in the direction of Valencia beach. The trail is 8 kilometers long. Why is this race so popular among people of Valencia? The reason is that it’s not just an ordinary race – you can see a runner prepared to shoot out once the clock strikes 10 am, a father carrying one of his children piggyback, and the other one in a pram, and also an old man who has decided to hit the trail once a year. That’s what it’s all about – a walk around the city without winners, without losers, in a pace you set for yourself. In the end of the race all the participants will get a small present.

In Valencia – the city known for its sun and good weather, you just cannot miss an event like ‘Volta a peu’. Moreover, this year we can be extremely proud of one figure – for the first time in 94 years the number of registered women is higher than the number of registered men.

Our Spanish language school will take part in this year’s ‘Volta a peu’ as we do every year. If you want to join us, we will be happy to spend the day laughing and having a good time in the fresh air all together. You can register for the race here till 19th of May. Hurry up, only 20 000 places are available.