One of our favourite weekend plans is to take short trips to the towns of the Valencian Community. Today we take you to Vilafamés, one of the most charming places in our region. Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tandem in Valencia tells you more in today post 🙂

Vilafamés is one of the most interesting destinations for all lovers of nature and art.

This town of the province of Castellón is located 25km from the city and is part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Towns of Spain and the International Federation of the Most Beautiful Towns in the World. In addition, its historic site was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2005.

All these recognitions have been granted thanks to its special charm due the characteristic narrow streets of Arabic style, its beautiful landscape and the very good state of conservation of the Gothic and Baroque buildings.

Therefore, let’s see what are the essential stops of our visit in Vilafamés…

La Roca Grosa

Undoubtedly, the Roca Grosa is one of the most representative elements of Vilafamés. It is an impressive rock of great size (832 cubic meters of volume) located in Calle de la Font, on the inclined surface, below the parish church.

For its spectacular look, the Roca Grosa is one of the most photographed places in Vilafamés. The visitors also go there to say their wishes. The legend says that, if you say 3 wishes touching the rock, at least one of them will be fulfilled 😊

El Castillo

The castle, located in the highest part of the village, is a dominant element of the panoramic view of Vilafamés.

The complex dates back to the andausì era, as indicated by the documents in which they appear under the name of “Beni-Hamez”. After several modifications throughout history, the castle acquired its current appearance in the 19th century, during the Carlist wars.

These years also go back the construction of the circular tower that remains one of the few examples of the Carlist style of the Valencian region.

L’Abric del Castell

This small cave located on the southern slope of the upper part of the village houses one of the most important cave paintings in the Valencian Community.

The paintings were discovered in the sixties by Professor A. Beltrán who classified them as Schematic Art, dating back to the Bronze Age. Cave paintings are characterized by different motifs, such as anthropomorphs composed of spirals and descending lines or solar representations.

Other places of archaeological interest are the Tossal de la Font and the Cova Matutano.

Museo de arte contemporáneo Vicente Aguilera Cerni

The MACVAC is located in Palau de Battle, a beautiful building of Valencian civil Gothic style, dating back to the 15th century.

The museum was created in 1968 by the initiative of Vicente Agulera Cerni, a Valencian prestigious art critic, in collaboration with the local authorities.
The Museum’s collection consists of around 500 works from 1920s to the present day.

Therefore, walking through the rooms of the museum, visitors will be able to appreciate works and sculptures of different art trends such as social realism, constructivism, figurative and abstract expressionisms, etc.

The exhibition hosts works by very popular artists, including R.Boix, Juan Genovés, J. Miró, Sempere and many more.

Finally, if you are nature lovers and you fancy a good walk or a picnic, Vilafamés offers different routes.

Here you will find all the options.

We hope that this short tour in Vilafamés will motivate you to visit the village to appreciate its beauty and charm.

As always, our Spanish school El Rincón del Tandem in Valencia invites you to enjoy the weekend, discovering the historical, cultural and natural richness of our region.

And of course, it encourages you to practice Spanish every day and outside the classroom.

See you soon!