Today we are going to learn how to properly use the Spanish verb encontrar. Our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, will go in depth in all its meanings. Discover more! 😊

The Spanish verb encontrar is one of those essentials Spanish verbs that every student must absolutely know when taking Spanish lessons and in order to have a simple conversation.

Therefore, today we will study contexts and situations where this verb is mostly used.
Let’s start!

1. Encontrar = to find, to come accross something physyical

  • Los arqueólogos encontraron los restos de una muralla medieval = The archaeologists found the remains of a medieval wall
  • Me encontré una flor seca en el libro que me prestaste = I found a dry flower in the book that you lent to me
  • No encuentro las llaves del coche = I can’t find the car keys

In this case, it is also possible to use the reflexive form encontrarse.

  • Me encontré un botón en el bolsillo del abrigo = I found a button in my coat pocket

2. Encontrar = to run into somebody, to encounter someone (by chance)

  • Encontré a tu madre en la cafetería esta tarde = I run into your mother at the café this afternoon

Like in the first situation, here we can also use the reflexive form. Nevertheless, in this case, the verb must be followed by the preposition CON (with)

  • Me encontré con tu madre en la cafetería esta tarde

3. Encontrar = to meet (intentionally)

  • Nos encontramos al bar a las 17.00 = Meet me at the bar at 5pm
  • Fran y Lucas se encuentran cada domingo en el parque = Fran and Lucas meet every Sunday in the park

4. Encontrar = to discover

  • La doctora encontró una cura muy eficaz para mi dolor muscular = The doctor found a very effective cure for my muscle pain

5. Encontrar = to find something intangible, like ideas, words, etc.

  • ¡He encontrado la solución a tu problema! = I found the solution to your problem!
  • No encuentro las palabras para describir lo que siento = I can’t find the words to describe what I feel

6. Encontrar = to find something/somebody something

  • Hace mucho tiempo que no te veo. Te encuentro muy bien = I haven’t seen you for a long time. I find you very well
  • Encuentro el futbol muy aburrido = I find football really boring

Finally, let’s take a look at a couple of expressions with encontrar, that are commonly used in Spanish:

Encontrar la forma o la manera de: to find a way of

  • No encuentro la manera de montar la estantería = I don’t find a way of assambling the shelves
  • Tenemos que encontrar la forma de mejorar la calidad de nuestros servicios = We need to find a way of improving the quality of our services

– Encontrar interesante que = to find it interesting that

  • Encuentro interesante que podamos cuidar el medioambiente cambiando nuestras costumbres = I find it interesting that we can take care of the environment by changing our habits

We really hope our post on the Spanish verb encontrar will be helpful to you 😊

As usual, we invite you to expand your knowledge of Spanish verbs during Spanish lessons and practicing the language every day, inside and outside the school.

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