The Spanish verb “colgar” has several meanings, some positive and some other negative.

Let’s see what this verb means with the examples below:

He colgado el cuadro en la pared

This is the first meaning we can find in the RAE dictionary. It refers to the act of leaving something suspended. In this case on the wall.

Now you know which verb to use when you want to hang a picture on the wall in Spain 🙂

Juán me ha colgado mientras hablaba por teléfono

In this sentence the Spanish verb “colgar” means “hang up”. Depending on the context it can indicate an abrupt unexpected action or not. What do you think?

He colgado el deporte

THis expression means that you have stopped doing something you used to do. In this sentence it means that the person who is speaking no longer plays sport.

He colgado una nueva foto en Instagram

Here “colgar” means “to upload or to post”. We use this verb to indicate when we enter information on a website or social media. Nowadays, this is one of the most frequently usage of this verb. So, tell us, what do you think about what we upload to our social media?

El ordenador se ha colgado

This is another of the expressions we use most often in Spanish. It means that the computer has crashed. Now I’m sure you understand our teachers when they say that…

Pepe está colgado por María 

Here the meaning of “colgado” is “enganchado”, it means, “madly in love”. It can also be used for less healthy addictions such as drugs or alcohol..

Pepe está colgado

This last meaning is the most informal of all and means that the person is a bit “crazy”. Although it can mean something worse, like that he has an addiction or that he has just consumed a substance.

We hope that you will not “leave us hanging” (dejarnos colgados), and that we will be able to count on all of you for a long time to come.

¡Hasta pronto!