Spanish idioms with “rollo”.

Today we have a challenge for you and that is to write the following sentence in other words:

Voy a ir al rollo y os voy a contar algo:
La clase es un rollo, porque la profesora se enrolla como una persiana, pero yo voy a mi rollo. A veces eso corta un poco el rollo, pero como soy un tipo enrollado siempre veo el lado positivo, o eso dice Juan, el chico con el que tengo un rollo y con el que me enrollé anoche, aunque ahora estamos de mal rollo.

What do you think of this sentence? It has a lot of rollo, doesn’t it? Well, we are going to explain each and every one of the meanings that “rollo” has.

1. “Ir al rollo”. This first expression means that we go straight to the subject or topic we want to talk about.

2. Our mysterious student says that the class is a “rollo”. We use this expression when something is boring. You know that doesn’t happen in our school!

3. “ Enrollarse como una persiana” literally meaning “rolling up like blinds”. This means that a person talks a lot.

4. “Voy a mi rollo”. Here the meaning is quite different and means that a person does things his or her own way, without caring what others think or following anyone else. This is often used when someone is in a group of people and does things without consulting anyone.

5. “Cortar el rollo”. This happens when something or someone interrupts something and the magic of the moment is broken.

6. “Ser enrollado”. Being cool”. Being a fun, friendly person who has a “good vibe”.

7. “Tener un rollo”. To be with someone without being in a stable relationship. In English they have a similar expression which is… “one night stand”.

8. “Enrollarse con alguien”.This expression is used when we kiss with someone. It also used with the meaning of “having sex with someone”.

9. “Estar de bueno o mal rollo”. Depending on whether we are in a good or bad mood with someone, we use one or the other expression.

In your next class, try to use one of these expressions, the teacher will surely tell you an anecdote.