Today we are going to talk about a Spanish historical series about the XX century in Spain. Watching Spanish films and series is one of the best ways to get to know the Spanish culture. Besides, to get to know  Spanish traditionals and to learn Spanish in an interesting and efficient way. In addition, studying Spanish through movies and series helps you expand your vocabulary. Also, you will learn different accents from different parts of Spain.

In our post today we present 3 best Spanish historical series about the story about the XX century Spain. Watching them, tou will learn Spanish history through the lives of the characters of that series.

1. Cuéntame cómo pasó (Tell me how it happened)

It is a Spanish mythical series that tells the Alcántara family experiences from the last years of Franco. This middle class family consists of a married couple with four children and their grandmother. They live in a fictitious neighborhood in Madrid and live all the important changes of their time. Not to mention, “Tell me how it happened” has become a success in Spain and has already been 19 seasons. It is one of the best series to approach the history and Spanish culture of the 20th century.

2. Las chicas del cable (The cable girls)

The series, set in the 1920s in Madrid, tells the story of four women of very different origins. They work as telephone operators in the first telephone company in Spain. Each of them is very different but they all fight for their place in a world where men rule, make friends and fall in love, hide dark secrets … Together with “The girls of the cable” you will enjoy the incredible retro-feeling of the 20 years. Similarly, you will know better the life of Spanish women a century ago.

3. Crematorio (Crematory)

It is a miniseries based on the story of an unprincipled entrepreneurs in the 90s. In fact, he is a builder who has increased his fortune with agricultural companies. At the present time, he extends his business. Now he becomes the most powerful man on the Valencian coast. “Crematorio” tells you about corruption in Spain and expands your vocabulary on many topics.

In a word, we hope that you have enjoyed our recommendations to learn Spanish. You can know about the history of Spain of the 20th century through the Spanish series. Soon we will publish more articles devoted to Spanish television that will help you  to learn Spanish. Also you can complete your Spanish classes for a fast and effective learning.

Happy Monday from Valencia!