Today we are going to learn the most common Spanish expressions with Por. Using idioms and expressions will help you improve your speaking skills and make you more fluent in Spanish. Take a look at the blog of our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, and start enriching your Spanish vocabulary now! 😊

There are many Spanish expressions with. They are very frequently used in all kind of contexts and situations.
For instance, to introduce a sentence, to make an interjection, to express time, etc.

So, take a look at the list below to learn when and how to use them properly!

    • Por cierto = by the way or indeed
    • Por si acaso = in case, just in case
    • Por lo visto = apparently
    • Por ahora = for now
    • Por lo general = normally, generally
    • Por lo menos = at least
    • Por último = finally, lastly
    • Por el contrario = on the contrary
    • Por fin – ¡Por fin! = at last
    • Por casualidad = by chance
    • Por supuesto = of course
    • Por poco = nearly, almost
    • Por si las moscas = just in case
    • Por si las dudas = just in case

– Va a hacer sol, pero llévate una chaqueta por si las moscas = It’s going to be sunny but take a jacket just in case
– Ya envié las invitaciones por correo, pero llévate algunas por si las moscas = I’ve already mailed out the invitations, but take some with you just in case

    • (aprobar) por los pelos = barely pass

– Julia aprobó el examen de historia por los pelos = Julia barely passed the History exam

    • Por mucho que / por más que = No matter how much

– Por mucho que me entrene, nunca voy a correr más rápido que tú = No matter how hard I train, I’ll never run faster than you

We hope that this short article about Spanish expressions with por, will help you express yourself better in Spanish.

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Lastly, our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, is happy to provide you with Spanish courses here in Valencia and help you master Spanish fast!

¡Hasta pronto!