On Sunday July 29 Valencia holds the annual Battle of the Flowers. As always it’s a perfect excuse to get together with students of our Spanish courses and spend an amazing evening. This spectacular event brings the Gran Feria de Julio 2018 to a close. If you are interested in participating, read our article and find out what is happening during the battle and how to buy tickets.

What is it?

The Gran Feria de Julio (or the Great July Fair if you want) is a series of events during the whole month of July. You can read more about it in our previous article. The Battle of the Flowers is without doubt the most emblematic event of the Gran Feria which is really popular among the students of our Spanish school. During the fight women in traditional costumes parade on fairytale floats decorated by Fallas artists protecting themselves with tennis rackets from the showers of flowers that spectators throw at them. Obviously, they return the fire by throwing the flowers back at the spectators. The fight takes place on Paseo de Alameda and starts at 20:00. This year the battle counts with more than 1.500 million colorful carnations that were grown in the fields of the whole Valencian Community.

What about the tickets?

Compared to last year the capacity of seated areas was increased by 33 %. If you want to actively participate in the fight, you can buy the tickets for 5 € on the official web. There are 3 opportunities to purchase them. The first round is from Tuesday July 24 till Thursday 26 (14:00) and counts with 365 tickets, the second round starts on Thursday July 26 at 14:00 when the rest of the tickets will be sold. In case you miss the second round you still have a chance to buy the tickets on Saturday July 28 from 9:00 at the till in Jardines Viveros, although only 60 tickets will be sold that day. As we said these tickets are only for the seated areas supplied with boxes of flowers to participate, you can still come and watch the battle for free while standing.

Our Spanish language school won’t miss this unique folklore event. All of us are going to admire the storybook floats and enjoy the streets of Valencia covered in colorful flower petals which scent floats throughout the city long after the battle is finished. Will you join us?