A few days ago, the writer Almudena Grandes won the Líber 2018 award. The award has been granted for her ability to “create a literary work focused on women and the recent history of Spain.”

Almudena Grandes is a Spanish writer and columnist for the magazine “El País”. She was born in Madrid in 1960 and is the winner of multiple literary prizes. In addition, now among them is the Líber prize awarded to the most prominent Spanish-American author. The author of “Atlas de geografía humana” will receive the award on October 4.

Do you know any book by this famous writer? Almudena Grandes forms an important part of modern Spanish culture. During our Spanish courses we always mentioned Almudena Grandes as one of the most influential Spanish authors.

Then, in our post today we are going to tell you about your most awarded books.


The ages of Lulu ( “Las edades de Lulú” )

It is an erotic novel by Almudena Grandes and her first award-winning book. It tells the story of Lulu, who we know as a 15-years girl who is attracted to Pablo, a university professor. For years she has sexual fantasies about him and they turn out to be mutual. Since then, the couple lives in a world of love experimentation where time has stopped. But one day, when Lulu is already 30 years old, she decides to look for new experiences outside. This involves them in very diverse relationships: trios, with transgender people and orgies.


Rough Winds( “Los aires difíciles” )

It is a novel of great publishing success, written in 2002. It tells the story of two strangers, Juan and Sara, who flee from their past. They settle in a coastal urbanization far from Madrid where they try to rebuild their lives.


The frozen heart ( “El corazón helado” )

The novel, written in 2007, is divided into 3 parts: The Heart, The Ice and The Frozen Heart.

The story develops during the Spanish Civil War. Everything starts at the funeral of the father of the protagonist named Álvaro. During the funeral Álvaro notices a strange woman. She is Raquel and granddaughter of an exile after the beginning of the fascist era in 1939. Amos characters are attracted but has to fight against their past and the influences of the reality in which they live.


Inés and Mirth ( “Inés y la alegría” )

The novel tells the story of the invasion of the Aran Valley in October 1944. The army wants to liberate Spain and its victory could change the course of history. The character that gives the name to the book is Ines, a wealthy woman who discovers the socialist ideology. So she becomes a brave person to leave behind the worst years of her life.


Atlas of human geography ( “Atlas de geografía humana” )

In this book four women tell their story in the first person in difficult and confusing times. They work on making a geography atlas in fascicles. Being very different, they are all very encouraged by this project. Of course, they find themselves with a point of reflection about themselves.


We hope you liked our article. Soon we will tell you more about other important authors of Hispanic culture. Meanwhile, enjoy reading!