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Today we speak about the Spanish verb sentir. Like many other verbs, it has multiple meanings and can be used under different circumstances.

As we already mentioned in our previous posts, we find a lot of polysemic words in Spanish vocabulary. Therefore, it is important to know them well in order to avoid misunderstandings and to express ourselves properly.

So, let’s learn when we can use this verb:

1. To feel

In Spanish we can use the verb sentir to mean the way we or other people feel either emotionally or physically.
In this case, we use it as a pronominal verb (sentirse). Therefore, the verb will be always preceded by the reflexive pronouns.

Let’s see some examples:

No me siento muy bien. No voy a salir esta noche = I am not feeling well. I am not going out tonight
Lucía se siente triste por lo que ha pasado = Lucía feels sad for what happened
Me siento muy feliz cuando estás aquí = I feel very happy when you are here

2. To think

In Spanish we can use it to express what we think or the opinion that we have about something. Like in the following examples:

Diego dice siempre lo que siente = Diego always says what he thinks

3. To feel through senses

In this case, we use sentir to mean physical sensations, i.e. to describe what we are feeling or perceiving through our senses. Therefore, according to the circumstances, it can be translated as hearing or feeling .


Siento frío. ¿Puedes cerrar la ventana, por favor? = I feel cold. Could you please close the window?
Siento pasos en la habitación de al lado = I hear steps in the room next door

4. To feel sorry about something

We can use it to express our sorrow or regret for something. This verb is also used to give condolence.


Sentimos mucho la muerte de tu perro = We feel very sorry about your dog’s death
Siento que hayas perdido el partido = I am sorry that you have lost the match

We hope this blog helped you to better understand the meanings and uses of the Spanish verb sentir.

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