Have you ever been in Spain? Have you ever been in Valencia? Well it doesn’t matter, but we are sure that you heard about famous Oceanografic Valencia, where you have an opportunity to see all those animals that are hiding under huge seas and oceans.

Oceanografic Valencia is located in the avant garden architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. In this aquarium you will be able to see a lot of different kinds of sea animals, some of them you know, while some of them probably don’t. But all in all you don’t want to miss this such a great trip through the Ocean world of animals.

In our Spanish school, studying Spanish language is really fun because we always recommend our students to go on famous and fun places here in Valencia; in this case it is Oceanografic, which is really a great experience. It usually takes all day so it’s good chance for our students to communicate with each other and communicate with Spanish people too, so besides joy and fun they can also learn some new Spanish word and also get know a little bit more of Spanish people and Spanish culture.

What to see?

First thing there, will probably be the Dolphin show where dolphins are ”dancing” and playing with people. You will laugh, dance, scream, take photos and really joy in that. After that, your journey in Ocean world can start. You will receive a map so you can orient. The journey is really fantastic. You will go underground and see a lot of different animals and you will be separate from them just by glass, it’s amazing. At the end you will also have a chance to watch the film about Earth in 4D technology, where you will get a little bit wet but it is so fun and interesting and you won’t regret for try it.

And after?

After a day spent in aquarium you will be probably very hungry, so we offer or show our students some restaurants or places that are not so expensive, but where they can taste the Spanish food or famous Spanish tapas.

The best way to learn foreign language is to hanging out and communicate with people, because just in that way you will be able to renewing your knowledge all the time and also learn how to speak correctly.

We really hope this blog was interesting for you and also that you find out something new too.

Thanks for the reading and see you in next blog soon!