Do you want to know the best Spanish humor series? Read more post to know our recommendations!

Watching series and movies in Spanish is a fun and effective way to learn Spanish. Choose the scary movies or the humor series, you will learn a lot new. Today we present the top 4 of the humor series that have formed an important part of Spanish culture:

Allí abajo (Down there)

The series tells the adventures of a boy from the north of Spain, Iñaki. Due to his circumstances, he has to start living in the south of the country, in Seville. There he meets Carmen, a nurse, and both characters are attracted. However, they have a lot of cultural shock due to the differences between north and south and their own characters.

This series is a very good option to learn the different accents of Spain and to know the variety of Spanish culture. All chapters are available here on the Antena 3 website.

Extr @

It is a series created especially to learn Spanish. It has 13 chapters of 24 minutes each. The main character is an American who arrives in Spain and starts living with his Spanish friends. Therefore, it is good to see the cultural and linguistic adaptation of its protagonist. Thanks to its simple language and subtitles, it is a perfect series for your first contact with Spanish. In addition, the atmosphere is very similar to that of “Friends”. So, you can practice your ear and laugh about the adventures of the characters.

You can find all the chapters here on YouTube.

La que se avecina (The one that is coming)

The series is characterized by its black humor about the relations of coexistence of a community of neighbors. During already 10 seasons we can see his adventures surreal and fun. It is a very fun series and we recommend it to the students of our Spanish school.

On the official website of Telecinco you can find all the chapters of this fun series.


It is the longest running series of Spanish television that lasted 9 years. It narrates the experiences of the Garcias, a peculiar family of lower class in a fictitious neighborhood of Madrid. Aida is the mother of the family, ex-alcoholic divorcee who works as a cleaner.

You can find all the seasons of “Aida” here.

We hope our recommendations will help you with your Spanish classes. Of course, next Monday we will publish more articles about Spanish cinema.
Meanwhile, happy Monday in Valencia!