In the last 20 years the foreign population in Valencia has increased remarkably. Every year there are more and more foreigners who choose Spain to live and work. Thus, Valencia enters top of the provinces most preferred by them. Similarly, in Valencia there is a large number of foreign residents. Of them, a third are European, 25% are South American and 16% are from Asia.

To know more information about the foreign population in Valencia, we will use the different media. They will help us to know the origin and quantity of citizens of foreign origin.

Where they are?

According to the information provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the growth of the amount of the foreign population is observed. This year’s figures reach the numbers before the crisis. The majority of immigrants come from Europe, especially from Romania. In second place go countries of South America. Only from Bolivia more than 5 thousand people have come. And, in the third place, there are Asian countries, highlighting the population of Chinese origin. Speaking of the rest of the foreign population in Valencia, the majority are from Morocco, Central America and Australia.


What figures do we speak of?

Indeed, if there were only 6,821 foreign residents in Valencia in 1996, 102,269 foreigners are already registered in 2018. As for the distribution by districts, the most “mixed” neighborhoods are Quatre Carreres, Rascanya and Olivereta. On the other hand, if we see the percentage of the total population of each neighborhood, the leaders change a little. Similarly, Olivereta with 16.3% of foreign residents stays in the first place. They are followed by Ciutat Vella with 15.9% of foreign citizens. And in the third place is Rascanya with 15.5% of the neighbors of foreign origin.



In short, every year there are more and more foreigners who choose Valencia as a city for their residence in Spain. Would you like to know stories of some immigrants residing in Valencia? And to know more data and the requirements to obtain the Spanish nationality? So, we suggest you read this article from the Spanish magazine “Las Provincias”.

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