After years of doubt the trade in Valencia participated the immensely popular ‘Black Friday’. AND GUESS WHAT, IT IS BLACK FRIDAY TODAY! Who does not use it nowadays? Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem and her students certainly do.

Black Friday is known by all the discounts. The whole happening originated from origin in the United States, but the popularity of this day has also found its way to Spain. Last week you saw it everywhere. Many stores have been promoting Black Friday. It is even so bad, that since 2015 Black Friday has become the second important discount period in Spain. There are even millions of euros converted. Black Friday is now officially one of the Spanish traditions.

Black Friday stands for the kick-off of Christmas shopping. But why is it called ‘Black Friday’? We probably have to go back to the American city Philadelphia. This city used the name as first. This must be a reference to the crowd the day after Thanksgiving. The name may also contain a link to the ‘Black Saturday’ that we use in Europe. Black Saturday is an expression of an extreme crowd in European car traffic, as a result of a massive holiday exodus. There are also countries that relate the name to the fact that companies start to sell, as result of which the red numbers change to black numbers.

If you don’t know what to do in Valencia this weekend, you can go shopping, but don’t freak out. There are lots of people who wants to benefit from all the discounts. Do you not like to go into the city, but you want to shop with discounts, then it is also possible to shop online, as on Ebay or Amazon. Or would you like to enter the city, but you don’t have time this weekend? Then there is also the next Monday, better known as ‘Cyber Monday’. On this Monday there are still nice bargains, a good reason to visit the shops in Valencia.

We hope you enjoyed our blog! Have a nice weekend and don´t spend too much money 😉