Did you know that some animal Spanish names also have other meanings? If you want to know more, take a look at the blog of our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem! Enjoy your reading 😊

Today we dedicate our blog to get to know some animal Spanish names with other meanings.

Spanish language is very rich in polysemic words; therefore, the teachers of our Spanish school always spend some time to explain them fully during Spanish lessons.

Among these special words, we also find animal names. So, let’s take a look at the list below to improve our usage of Spanish words!


Caballo means “horse”. Besides it, it also means:

– Knight (chess)

  • En ajedrez, el caballo tiene un valor de tres puntos = In chess, the knight is equal to three points

– Vaulting horse

  • El caballo es uno de los seis aparatos que se usan en la gimnasia = The vaulting horse is one of the six equipment used in gymnastics.


If you say gato the first word that comes up to mind is a cat. Nevertheless, there is another gato that would come very in handy if you need to change a tyre of the car…

– Jack (vehicle)

  • Es imprescindible llevar un gato en el maletero del coche = It is essential to carry a jack in the boot of the car


Llama is not only the name of the well-known Latina American mammal. In fact, in Spanish, this words also means

– Flame

  • En cuanto vimos las llamas, llamamos a los bomberos = As soon as we saw the flames, we called the firefighters

Llama, as flame, is also used in a figurative way, meaning “passion or love”:

  • En una relación hay que avivar la llama del amor con pequeños detalles = In a relationship you have to fan the flame of love with small details

– Call(s).

From the Spanish verb llamar. 3rd person singular present indicative.

  • Ana llama a su madre todos los días a las 12.00h = Ana calls her mother every day at 12pm

From the Spanish verb llamar. 2nd person singular imperative.

  • Llama a Pablo para decirle que en diez minutos estamos en su casa = Call Pablo to tell him that we will be at his house in ten minutes


Besides meaning “monkey”, the Spanish word mono also means:

– Overalls, jumpsuit

  • El mecánico siempre se pone el mono antes de empezar a trabajar = The mechanic always puts on his overalls before starting work

– Cute, pretty, adorable

  • Amparo está muy mona con este corte de pelo = Amparo looks very cute with this haircut

– Craving, withdrawal symptoms

  • Dejé de fumar hace dos años, pero de vez en cuando me entra el mono = I gave up smoking two years ago but every now and then I get the craving


Meaning “mouse”. In Spanish, the English word mouse is replaced by the Spanish equivalent ratón to indicate the computer pointing device

  • El ratón de mi ordenador no funciona = My computer mouse is not working

Furthermore, in colloquial language, ratónes (pural) is also use to mean “guns”.

  • Haciendo este ejercicio cada día, fortalecerás los ratones = By doing this exercise every day, your guns will get stronger.

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